Press Statement released on 13 Dec 2009

Press Statement (13 December 2009)

The Action Committee condemning the Batang Kali Massacre is disappointed with the British Government for putting unreasonable and unfair hurdles for the surviving families in their quest for justice by withholding or releasing partial documents that formed the basis of the “minded to refuse a public enquiry” decision.

The Co-ordinator for the Committee, Quek Ngee Meng, expressed his utmost dissatisfaction at a memorial service which was held in front of the British High Commission to commemorate those victims who were killed at Batang Kali 61 years ago. Ruling and opposition leaders, leaders of the Chinese community, NGO representatives, and surviving family members attended the memorial service.

Quek said that “When the British Ministry of Defence and Foreign and Commonwealth Office communicated their provisional refusal on 21 August, we were invited to make further representations before a final decision was made by them. Since then our lawyers have been seeking the documents on which the provisional decision was based, most of which are not in they public domain, so they can make those representations on an informed basis. That is only fair and reasonable. The response has been a combination of half hearted or partial disclosure along with delay and excuses for not disclosing the remainder. We have been severely handicapped by various hurdles which were imposed by the British government.” Continue reading



新聞來源: 星洲日報, 2009年12月13日