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Information pertinent to the Signature Campaign Condemning the Batang Kali Massacre:

Launching Ceremony was held:

  • Date:- 20th August 2008 (Wednesday)
  • Time:- 9:45am
  • Venue:- Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah Hall, 1st Floor, Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall


  • 日期:2008820日(星期三)
  • 时间:9:45 am
  • 地点:华总谢富年礼堂

2 Responses

  1. 英国人不是一向满口仁义道德吗? 至少英国政府或英女皇应该向被毒杀的亲属道歉及赔偿那些受难者亲人们61 年来所受的折磨和痛苦。

  2. The victims of the Batang Kali Massacre should sue
    the British government and make them apologize
    and compensate for the crimes they committed in

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