Postcards to UK seeking apology over Batang Kali massacre

Updated: June 19, 2013 16:05 (MYT)
 Bernama | Updated: June 19, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 10,000 postcards signed by Malaysians wanting the British Government to make an official apology on the unlawful killing of 24 villagers in Batang Kali in 1948 by British soldiers, were handed over to the British High Commission here today.

Britain’s High Commissioner to Malaysia Simon Featherstone received the postcards from Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia (GBM) chairman Tan Yew Sing and Action Committee Condemning Batang Kali Massacre coordinator Quek Ngee Meng.

The postcard project is a joint effort between the two non-governmental organisations which kicked of last December and is aimed at raising awareness among Malaysians on the British Government’s position on this issue, and had invited Malaysians to express their concern through the signature campaign.

The Batang Kali massacre took place on Dec 12, 1948 during British military operations against communist terrorists after the end of World War II, and it was alleged that the 7th Platoon of G Company, 2nd Scots Guards, had surrounded a rubber estate at Sungai Rimoh and shot dead 24 villagers before setting fire to the village.

In January 2009, the British Foreign Office rejected a call for an inquiry but three months later, it was reported that the government was re-considering the decision.

In September 2012, the London High Court upheld the British government’s decision not to hold a public inquiry into the killing of the 24 Batang Kali civilians more than 60 years ago.

Speaking to reporters later, Tan said Featherstone had expressed his sympathy over the Batang Kali massacre, and promised to convey Malaysians’ concern to his government.

“We (committee members) were impressed by his (Featherstone) effort and we are serious and very persistent on this issue because justice needs to be upheld for the future and good relationship of the two countries to move forward.

“We hope the British Government will close this chapter by giving an official apology, and compensation  to the families, and they must be prepared to discuss and settled the matter out of court,” he said.

Meanwhile, one of the victims’ family member, Lim Kok, said the apology would at least help to ease the misery that he felt until now when his father, Lim Tian Swee was slaughtered in the incident.

“I really hope the British Goverment will give us a sincere apology on this matter and some compensation for all the suffering that we have gone through,” he said.

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大马行动方略联盟主席陈友信:“我们总的认为大使的态度是友善的,是带着同情 来看待这个问题的。我们告诉他这件事情,它不只是华人的课题,它是马来西亚人的课题,包含了我们的马来同胞、印度同胞,而且我们是非常严重看待这个问题。 我们觉得假如不能将以前不正义的事纠正过来,那么怎么能确保未来会有正义呢?他说他会把我们的看法,转达给他的上司,会让英国政府知道。”


不过,由于家属还在通过法律途径追讨权益,而案件也在 审理当中,因此最高专员署不适合进一步评论。

峇冬加里惨案罹难者家属张观英:“峇冬加里那边很好很平安的。我爸爸在那边割 树胶,割树胶给钱出粮后买米。做么一下子打死24人?我的爸爸被打死,那个地方被烧掉,我们什么都没有了,没有家什么都没有,几乎去乞讨,每天乞一些,1 天2天没有的吃,我的妈妈怎么好,一个一个孩子都送人,我的家散了。”


最新备忘录中,家属提出,英国政府本月初 既然愿意为殖民时期镇压和虐待肯尼亚 茅茅族人民认错和赔偿2千万英镑损失,就应该同等对待峇冬加里惨案死者家属。


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