Press Coverage of Judgment of Batang Kali Massacre

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峇冬加里屠殺案‧要求開聽證會‧家屬決上訴再促英國道歉 (星洲日报·国内 2012-09-06 11:21)

峇冬加里屠殺案不開聽證會‧家屬申請司法檢討被駁 (星洲日报·国内 2012-09-05 10:49 )

峇冬加里追討英軍屠殺罪裁決匯報‧與罹難者家屬商議 工委會決提出上訴(中国报·2012-09-05  17:44

峇冬加里英軍屠殺案‧聽證會申請遭英駁回 人民逃跑才殺說詞被否決(中国报·2012-09-04  22:18

峇冬加里屠杀案申请听证会被驳回 英高庭: 英政府符合法律(南洋网·全国 2012-09-05 09:48)


峇冬加里大屠殺案‧家屬申請司法檢討‧英高庭2理由駁回(光明日报·地方  2012-09-05 10:15)

电台 Video

8TV   峇冬加里屠杀惨案申请听证会被驳回 英:符合程序

NTV7   峇冬加里惨案听证会司法检讨被驳 死者家属决定上诉    

Radio Australia  Judges blame Britain over Malaya massacre (6 September 2012, 0:28 AEST)

Britain found responsible for 1948 massacre in Malaya (6 September 2012, 17:17 AEST)

English Media


Batang Kali massacre: no public inquiry ordered, but instead a judgment exposing the slaughter of innocents and decades of Government-sanctioned deceit

Malaysian lose fight for 1948 ‘massacre’ inquiry (BBC, 6 Sep 2012)

Batang Kali massacre: Kin to appeal for inquiry (The Sun, 5 Sep 2012)

Batang Kali massacre a regrettable incident  (News Strait Time, 5 Sep 2012)

Court confirms Malayan massacre, but rules against full inquiry (The Australia, 5 Sep 2012)

Britain held responsible for mass killing in Malaya: court (Vancouver Sun, 5 Sep 2012)

Campaigners lose court fight for inquiry into 1948 Malaysia ‘massacre’ (The Guardian, 4 September 2012)

High Court rejects probe into Malayan Emergency ‘massacre’ (The Telegraph, 4 September 2012)

High Court once again rejects investigation into Batang Kali ‘massacre’ during Malayan Emergency (The Independent, 4 September 2012)

Malaysia ‘massacre’ relatives lose legal bid for inquiry (Metro, 4 September 2012)

Britain held responsible for Batang Kali massacre (Free Malaysia Today, 4 September 2012)

Britain found responsible for 1948 massacre in Malaya (Radio Australia, 6 September 2012)

Judges block inquiry into Malaya ‘massacre’ by Scots Guards (Scotsman, 7 September 2012)

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