Today, the 12th day of December 2008, marks the 60th anniversary of Batang Kali Massacre. We gather before the British High Commission to mourn for 24 innocent lives and souls by presenting bouquets of white chrysanthemums.

 You, 24 innocent Ulu Yam villagers of Chinese ethnic, were ordinary people striving strenuously for livelihood by laborious input, contributing to the development of township and were all pioneers of frontier of our motherland. On 12th December 1948, while you were on your routine work at Batang Kali rubber estate, a group of armed British soldiers captivated, mistreated, interrogated and finally murdered you without any cause.

 The murder was committed in an inhumane manner, and worst still, the murderers labeled you as “bandits” and “terrorists” and claimed their rewards in the expense of your lives, whilst knowing very clearly that none of these references could be related to you. Not only that you were murdered in cold blood, your murderers put you to disrepute even after your death.  It was a dark age of human civilization, commoners’ lives and dignity were dispensable under the ruling of British Colonial Government. All “subjects” within the colonized lands suffered and persecuted at the whim of the colonial government.

 The brutal massacre by British Army is unforgettable and forms a perpetual stigma in the hearts of all Malaysians.

 The truth cannot be concealed and denied. We demand reinvestigation on Batang Kali Massacre and redemption by way of formal apology and reasonable compensation.

 Today marks the 60th anniversary of your death. We regret that your good names remain tarnished in the UK’s official records and the UK government has yet to formally apologise for the massacre.

 We, the Action Committee Condemning Batang Kali Massacre, the representatives of the supporting NGOs, the descendants and relatives of Batang Kali Massacre’s victims, are summoned here to submit our humble petition to Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom, in the hope that Her Majesty will in her good conscience apply vast influence to cause the UK government to apology, compensate and build a memorial for the victims. That is the only way to redeem the terrible mistakes and undo the injustice.

 We humbly present bouquet of snowy-white chrysanthemums to commemorate the innocent lives and souls that were dispensed during the ignorant and barbaric era. We crave for your providence to ensure this a successful petition.

 May you rest in peace.


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