Memorandum-Submitting Letters of Endorsement and Follow Up Petition Dated 25 March 2008

12 December 2008



c/o The British High Commission

185, Jalan Ampang,

50450 Kuala Lumpur



Submitting the Letters of Endorsement by Malaysian NGOs

Condemning the Batang Kali Massacre and

Follow-Up the Petition Dated 25 March 2008

Submitted by the Action Committee Condemning the Batang Kali Massacre



May it please Your Majesty,



1.        We have on 25 March 2008 submitted a petition (“the Petition”) relating to the actions of members of the British army who killed 24 Ulu Yam unarmed villagers and torched their estate at Batang Kali, Malaysia on 12 December 1948 (this massacre is well known as “the Batang Kali Massacre”).memorandum-to-british-high-comm-on-12-dec-2008-submitting-the-letters-of-endorsement-by-malaysian-ngos


                          In the Petition, we humbly requested that Your Majesty cause the Government of the United Kingdom to issue an official apology and grant reasonable compensation to the family members of the massacre victims and the local community of Ulu Yam. Despite a lapse of nearly 9 months, we have not received any reply from Your Majesty or the British High Commissioner of Malaysia.


                          In the cause of redressing this historical injustice, the surviving family members of 13 massacre victims have instructed the UK’s leading public law and human rights solicitors, Bindmans LLP, to enforce their rights if necessary. Messrs Bindmans have written to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (“FCO”) asking what consideration is being given to the petition, who is dealing with the matter and when there will be an official response or announcement, if at all.  They have also asked whether consideration is currently being given to any form of investigation of the events of and surrounding to the Batang Kali massacre. They have yet to receive any substantive response.


                          While efforts to address this wrongdoing and injustice have been met with muted denial in 1949, abandonment of a criminal investigation in 1970 on the flimsiest of pretexts, and silence by the UK Government today, there is no denying that the Batang Kali Massacre took place, a stubborn fact which still survives at its 60th anniversary.


                          We have compelling evidence to prove that British army committed a brutal massacre of 24 unarmed civilians at Batang Kali on 11 and 12 December 1948. This evidence includes but not limited to the eye-witnesses statements and the confession of soldiers involved under oath. With this evidence to hand, we are determined to seek a full explanation of the reasons for what occurred along with a meaningful apology and redress for the surviving family members.


                          Given that this historical injustice has yet to be rectified and the eye-witnesses to the massacre both in the UK and Malaysia are getting older with the passage of time, we and the surviving family members are anxious to see that the truth is made known in an appropriately public forum and that the continuing injustice is rectified as early as possible.


                          In the circumstances, we urge Your Majesty to assert your vast influence on the UK Government to act honourably so that a thorough investigation via a public inquiry on the Batang Kali Massacre can be conducted as a matter of the utmost urgency. That inquiry will also need to be empowered to make recommendations to expeditiously address the consequences of the Massacre.



2.        The Malaysian community is very concerned about the Batang Kali Massacre. A total of 553 non-governmental organizations and societies registered under the Malaysian Societies Act 1966 strongly condemn and censure the Batang Kali Massacre. They gave their full endorsement to the plea made in the Petition by signing the Letters of Endorsement. We submit a copy each of the Letter of Endorsement duly executed by the Malaysian NGOs for your reference and action.



We humbly request that Your Majesty take immediate action to redress this historical injustice that continues to haunt the good relationship between the community of the UK and Malaysia.



Thank you.



Your Humble Petitioner,




Quek Jin Teck                                                                         Quek Ngee Meng

Chairman                                                                                 Head, Signature Campaign

For and on behalf of Action Committee Condemning the Batang Kali Massacre



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